Dee Brown is Project Director for brilliant-corners Research & Strategies.  For more than two decades she has been singularly focused on transforming complex data about the significant social and political issues of our time into actionable intelligence for a wide array of clients including Obama for America ‘08 & 12 campaigns and the DNC’s 50 state strategy, that ceded the ground from which the rising electorate emerged. Dee has also used her work with an array of corporate clients from AT&T to Walmart, to demonstrate how progressive positions can expand brand loyalty, and contribute positively to their bottom line.

Dee credits much of her success with advocacy and corporate clients to her role in helping to reach a new majority coalition through new value drivers including economic patriotism and the inclusion of diverse perspectives from hard to reach populations often left out of traditional research efforts. Moreover, she believes too many research professionals have failed to detect the magnitude of cultural transformation that has taken place over the last decade and her continued success in fashioning effective communication strategies in this new paradigm is the direct result of her ability to recognize recent cultural shifts and the ability to convince clients that their interests lies in recognizing and embracing the idea of being on the brink of a new iconic era, no less consequential than the revolutionary sixties.

Prior to joining brilliant corners, Dee spent a decade with Lake Research Partners. She arrived in Washington through a non-traditional path. And is among the few political consultants that have lived in the shoes of many of those she researches. As a former union member, government employee and restaurateur, Dee has garnered a wide range of experiences that helps her to understand nuances within the electorate that often go unexplored. Dee has a M.A. in Political Communication from the George Washington University.