Roshni Nedungadi is an Analyst and Lead Programmer at brilliant corners. Since joining brilliant corners in January 2015, Roshni has conducted research for candidates in international, national, state, and local elections while helping inventive, forward-thinking companies such as Google and AT&T develop programs to benefit various impacted communities.

Prior to joining brilliant corners, Roshni worked as a Data Analyst at Pivot, targeting messages and audiences through direct mail. Prior to that, Roshni worked in the Wisconsin State Legislature as a Legislative Aide for a Milwaukee-area Representative. Through several years of campaign work – working as a campaign manager, communications staffer, and field organizer in a number of races - Roshni has developed a strong background in domestic politics.

Roshni holds a dual Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she focused her studies on the intersection of media and politics.

In the future, her goals are to improve polling methods and research to continue to benefit women and underserved and overlooked communities, and continue to perform impactful work for progressive political candidates.