Terrance Woodbury is an Analyst at Brilliant Corners Research and Strategies where he conducts market research, including focus groups and public polling, that help candidates and companies target and communicate with diverse audiences. Terrance’s research focuses on millennial and minority audiences who have become the driving force of rapidly evolving consumer and electoral trends in both the United States and abroad. Most recently, Terrance has conducted research for candidates in local, state, national, and international elections and for innovative companies such as Uber and Google.

Prior to joining Brilliant Corners, Terrance worked at the Brookings Institution and focused on the impacts of economic and demographic trends that are shaping the fastest growing urban communities around the world. Brookings is where Terrance developed a passion for research and began exploring the intersection of politics and policy.

Terrance’s life before research was still consumed by politics where he worked in various capacities on campaigns at the local, state, national, and international level. He has worked every position on a campaign except the candidate, and has no intention on ever baring that burden.

There is a big difference between where you are from and where you are a local. Terrance is a local to Seattle, where he was born; Maryland, where he grew up; Atlanta, where he attended Morehouse College; the Bahamas, where he managed an election for Prime Minister; and Washington, DC, where he now calls home. He has dedicated his career to empowering millennials and minorities to exercise their unprecedented consumer and electoral power to their own advantage.