TJMS Strategy Session: Cornell Belcher Says Brand Democratic Party Like Corporation So People Know What We Stand For

Roland Martin talks with top Democratic pollster Cornell Belcher about what President Obama and the Democratic Party should do next. Roland, Tom Joyner and Cornell Belcher agreed that President Obama should continue campaigning. Belcher explained wherever President Obama campaigned, races tightened.

Belcher told Roland, “Arguably for the last year while Democrats were legislating, Republicans were campaigning.” Belcher also stated one lesson the White House should have learned is that “you got to sell, sell, sell, you can not stop selling.” Belcher said, “we can’t just put out good legislation and think, oh, people are going to get it. Oh health care reform, they’re going to get it because they want it.” Belcher cautioned against allowing Republicans to define the debate. He said, “if the Republicans define the debate we’re going to lose the debate, so we have got to be a lot more aggressive about that.”

Roland explained, if you ask any Republican across the country why they are Republican, they will say, “lower taxes, less government. If you ask Democrats the same question, you will likely get two paragraphs and probably nine different answers.

Belcher stated, “We’ve got to brand our party like a corporation, like Pepsi or Coke brands itself so people know exactly what we stand for. Then we operate from that brand or schematic.”