TJMS: Top Pollster, Cornell Belcher Breaks Down The Florida Primary And Midterm Elections

Roland Martin talks to top pollster, Cornell Belcher about what we can expect in the midterm elections this November and the Florida primary results. Belcher told Roland that Florida is huge when it comes to the midterm elections and setting up 2012. He explained that the Tea Party might have helped the Democrats by knocking off some of the established Republican candidates in primaries across the country. “Arguably the weaker candidate for the general election has come out of the Republican primary and it’s going to be really helpful for the Democrats…”

Belcher highlighted the other thing that stood out about last night’s primaries is money. “Jeff Greene spent $30 million and come up short against Kendrick.” Belcher said, “Kendrick was helped out a lot in the end by President Clinton and President Obama bringing home the base of the Democratic Party.” On the Republican side, Scott spent $40 million dollars to win the Republican primary in Florida, which Belcher called “incredible.”

Belcher detailed the path to victory for Kendrick Meek in the upcoming three-way race for Senate in Florida. Belcher told Roland, “I think the three-way makes it a easier task for Kendrick there in Florida …” He went on to say that Charllie Crist who was probably gong to be a heavy favorite had he won the Republican nomination was forced out by the Tea Party as a result of showing President Obama some respect. According to Belcher the Tea Party viewed that as an “unforgivable sin.”

Belcher said, “If Meek runs a good campaign, which I’m sure he will and if he gets the backing of the Democratic establishment with money and he can tap into that Obama, new third electorate in Florida … I give him a fighters chance.”

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